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Banner Automation in DM

7 Reasons to Use Automation in Digital Marketing

Posted by mkr8 on  April 12, 2020
Category: Marketing
Automation is one of the most important strategies when it comes to scaling up your business. The most important components of Digital Marketing that can be automated are E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Scheduling, Ads Bidding & CRM. In this blog, I am trying to put across 7 reasons why you should opt for Automation in Digital Marketing. 1.For large scale operations Let’s say you are currently processing 100 orders per day & now the volume

Expertise in Search Engine Optimization

Posted by mkr8 on  March 27, 2019
Category: Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not Rocket Science. Its benefits can be implemented if you get the right guidance. To expertise in SEO we need to first understand the various aspects included in SEO. Website analysis and optimization – The motive of website analysis and optimization is to review the site and ascertain the missing aspects that can make a big difference. Different techniques help you analyze and optimize your website. Keyword analysis and search
Ethical Hacking For all those who hack friends’ social networking accounts for “fun”, for those who are good at cracking passwords and unlocking a locked system, those who spend a majority of their time experimenting with various codes – this is a great way to put those grey cells to a good use. You can breach the security of computer systems and get paid for it! Many big companies look for ethical hackers for various


Posted by mkr8 on  March 19, 2019
Category: Marketing
Google Digital marketing courses are intended to guide students, marketing professionals on how to use digital marketing channels, strategize and practice which helps them to channelize and optimize Google Campaigns. Here is a list of the 9 different types of Google Certification. 1) Google Digital Unlocked Course The Digital Unlocked is Google’s source that will help you increase your digital knowledge. It’s your all-in-one shop for getting digital marketing skills with completely free programs on
Digital Marketing is emerging as one of the fastest growing industries today. Digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes in developing countries. The smallest can enter the market and the biggest can access the most remote part of it. Reasons why Digital marketing is the future in India. Cost EffectiveEasiest Way of BrandingGovernment’s “Digital India” initiative back upsHigher Engagement RateGrowth in smartphone users and internet usersResult Oriented Sales PromotionMore Conversion and Better RevenueReaching Global MarketsSmall

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