7 Reasons to Use Automation in Digital Marketing

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Automation is one of the most important strategies when it comes to scaling up your business. The most important components of Digital Marketing that can be automated are E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Scheduling, Ads Bidding & CRM. In this blog, I am trying to put across 7 reasons why you should opt for Automation in Digital Marketing.

1.For large scale operations

Let’s say you are currently processing 100 orders per day & now the volume has spiked to 1000 orders per day, the number of people looking for support on tracking details, consignment status has also increased, here is where a ChatBot Automation comes into the picture.

Next time, when you are talking to a ChatBot from Zomato, Uber or Swiggy understand why it is important!

2. It reduces the cost in the long run

The automation tool might be expensive, but in the long run, the ROI it gives is going to be great. And what I would highly recommend is go for tools which give you lifetime deals. Since some tools are in the initial stage of development, you can definitely get a lifetime deal which is worth the penny amount you spend on it

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3. It saves time & reduces manual efforts

If you are still manually picking email ids from your website backend, then adding them to MailChimp & again creating multiple lists on Mailchimp you are possibly not aware of Trigger-based targeting & segmentation, this is great automation add on in almost all email marketing tools in the market.

4. It is more or less non-technical in nature

It is very much technical should never be an excuse! All the automation software’s out there are trying to simplify things & hence just 30 to 40 mins of learning on the tool will be sufficient. The only excuse is you not getting started!

5. First Move Advantage

With not too many marketers & agency using automation yet, implementing it before most of them will definitely give you the first move advantage & over a period of time down the line it will also give you a great momentum.

Eg : Digital Marketers who started their journey in 2010 to 2013 definitely have the first move advantage today.

6. It increases your Customer Experience

Customers prefer quick & faster system of getting things them. Making them wait for a period of time makes them feel not so important. With automation all the triggers take place within seconds which inturn increases the customer experience.  

7. It takes your analytics to next level

Have you ever wondered the emails you receive from a website you recently purchased & didn’t buy their product. DO you think they send manual email to everyone who didn’t purchase the product ? Well then you are wrong, all of this is automated & here is also a small video which I recently created on this small automation hack. Do watch it 

Conclusion: Automation is not new to digital marketing its been around for quite sometime now. Its high time you start using some automation tools else you might fall out from the elite digital marketers club.

To begin with, I would recommend use Drip Email Marketing, ChatBot & kickstart with use of Automation in Digital Marketing. 

If you are already using Automation than do let me know which tool & its use in the comment section !

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