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7 Reasons to Use Automation in Digital Marketing

Banner Automation in DM

Automation is one of the most important strategies when it comes to scaling up your business. The most important components of Digital Marketing that can be automated are E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Scheduling, Ads Bidding & CRM. In this blog, I am trying to put across 7 reasons why you should opt for Automation in Digital Marketing.

1.For large scale operations

Let’s say you are currently processing 100 orders per day & now the volume has spiked to 1000 orders per day, the number of people looking for support on tracking details, consignment status has also increased, here is where a ChatBot Automation comes into the picture.

Next time, when you are talking to a ChatBot from Zomato, Uber or Swiggy understand why it is important!

2. It reduces the cost in the long run

The automation tool might be expensive, but in the long run, the ROI it gives is going to be great. And what I would highly recommend is go for tools which give you lifetime deals. Since some tools are in the initial stage of development, you can definitely get a lifetime deal which is worth the penny amount you spend on it

Click Here to Check Lifetime Tools Deals from AppSumo

3. It saves time & reduces manual efforts

If you are still manually picking email ids from your website backend, then adding them to MailChimp & again creating multiple lists on Mailchimp you are possibly not aware of Trigger-based targeting & segmentation, this is great automation add on in almost all email marketing tools in the market.

4. It is more or less non-technical in nature

It is very much technical should never be an excuse! All the automation software’s out there are trying to simplify things & hence just 30 to 40 mins of learning on the tool will be sufficient. The only excuse is you not getting started!

5. First Move Advantage

With not too many marketers & agency using automation yet, implementing it before most of them will definitely give you the first move advantage & over a period of time down the line it will also give you a great momentum.

Eg : Digital Marketers who started their journey in 2010 to 2013 definitely have the first move advantage today.

6. It increases your Customer Experience

Customers prefer quick & faster system of getting things them. Making them wait for a period of time makes them feel not so important. With automation all the triggers take place within seconds which inturn increases the customer experience.  

7. It takes your analytics to next level

Have you ever wondered the emails you receive from a website you recently purchased & didn’t buy their product. DO you think they send manual email to everyone who didn’t purchase the product ? Well then you are wrong, all of this is automated & here is also a small video which I recently created on this small automation hack. Do watch it 

Conclusion: Automation is not new to digital marketing its been around for quite sometime now. Its high time you start using some automation tools else you might fall out from the elite digital marketers club.

To begin with, I would recommend use Drip Email Marketing, ChatBot & kickstart with use of Automation in Digital Marketing. 

If you are already using Automation than do let me know which tool & its use in the comment section !

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Expertise in Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not Rocket Science. Its benefits can be implemented if you get the right guidance. To expertise in SEO we need to first understand the various aspects included in SEO.

Website analysis and optimization –

The motive of website analysis and optimization is to review the site and ascertain the missing aspects that can make a big difference. Different techniques help you analyze and optimize your website.

Keyword analysis and search –

Keyword is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. If the keywords are properly used in the website, then it will help the users to search the site in an easy manner. We can increase the visibility of the website by the proper usage of the keywords.

Link building strategy –

The process of link building involves creating inbound links for your own site. You can do this by exchanging links and by getting listed in the directories, newsletters, or search engines. Increase the popularity of your website by learning different link building strategies. You can also get trained on various strategies of link building. Just putting up a good content is not enough to make your website popular and visible in the search results.

Excellent communication skills

 SEO consultants’ communication styles and customer services’ standards vary. You need to find someone whose approach best fits with your needs. Ask if the candidate prefers to talk in person or via phone, Skype, texting or email. Being well aware about communication mediums and having great communication skills will for sure help you rise as one of the best SEO experts in India.

Marketing Savvy & A Well-rounded Perspective and Knowledge –

Having well aware with the marketing industry and being well-informed will for sure add more value to your SEO skills.

Have a passion for execution, Curiosity and Stay Updated with best SEO Tools & Techniques –

SEO experts who prefer to get things done accurately and ensure results are considered top rated and consultants prefer to hire SEO experts of that calibre.

Curiosity is another factor, which is considered significant for an SEO expert.

“Finding an SEO who can recite the IP addresses for all of Google’s crawlers is great, but one who’s deeply curious and constantly investigating how that crawler works is even better.

Practical Knowledge of Additional Fields you have to know as an SEO Expert –

Website Creation and Modification:

You should know how to create a SEO friendly Website for you. Alternately, as an SEO expert, you should be able to suggest and make modifications in your existing website for improving the SEO score. Creating a highly user-friendly website as best user-experience is one of the most important Google ranking factors.

Content Writing & Alignment:

Content is one of the most important assets for SEO. Any SEO expert in India can vouch for the same. If your websites do not have well written, relevant and engaging content, it will not rank in SERPs. Knowing specific requirements of clients, and having knowledge about SEO tools that can update you about best keywords, search volume data, keyword density, keyword stuffing and competitive performance of content is must to be SEO experts in India.


Paying due help upon all the over-mentioned SEO qualities will for sure help you gain SEO skills that top-rated SEO experts in India have.

To channelize result-oriented search engine optimization and ensure conversions, it is very important that you are well aware of all these essential SEO skills; and once you do this, you will also get established as an SEO expert in India.

Unique Career Options After Completion of post-Graduation

Ethical Hacking

For all those who hack friends’ social networking accounts for “fun”, for those who are good at cracking passwords and unlocking a locked system, those who spend a majority of their time experimenting with various codes – this is a great way to put those grey cells to a good use. You can breach the security of computer systems and get paid for it!

Many big companies look for ethical hackers for various security purposes. You need to have a good knowledge of coding in different programming languages. You can start your career by interning for an organization and then convert it to a permanent job. The average salary ranges between Rs.2-5 lakhs for a fresher, and after an experience of five to six years, you can easily command a salary of Rs. 10-12 lakhs annually, depending upon your skills.

Where to apply?

Institutes like Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Security offer various courses in ethical hacking. There is a short course of 15 days offered by Arizona Infotech in Pune. It is important that you don’t have any criminal record because the course is all about trust and companies wouldn’t like to leave their security in the hands of someone who can’t be trusted.


This course is a mix of optical technology and electronics. The study deals with photons, the elementary particles of light, and helps you master the techniques of emission, detection, transmission and modulation of light. Those who have an immense interest in science and are curious to know more about it are best suited for this course. A photonist can work as an engineer, scientist, researcher and professional officer in many companies and government offices. The work will also give you an opportunity to design photonic equipment. Due to lack of specialists in this field, photonics specialists are in great demand globally.

Where to apply?

Some of the colleges that offer courses in Photonics are- International School of Photonics, Cochin; University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Cochin; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi and Chennai; Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal; Periyar EVR College, Tiruchirappalli; Department of Photonics, Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Latur, Maharashtra; and Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI), Pilani.

Food Flavorist/Flavor Chemist

These people add flavours to the food and make it taste good. The job will require mixing of various ingredients to make a unique flavour and not just this the responsibilities also require you to have a good knowledge of aroma chemicals, essential oils, plant extracts etc. This career is closely related to chemistry and those who have a background in chemistry are best suited for this. A Flavourist has job opportunities in various sectors like food & beverages, cosmetics, fragrance, toothpaste, etc. Salary for a fresher is around Rs.15, 000 which will increase as per the experience.

Where to apply?

Some of the colleges that offer a course in this field are – Indian Institute of Hospitatlity and Management, Mumbai; SRM University: Department of Food Process Engineering, Ghaziabad, UP and Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore.

Become self-employed

Sometimes you need to think outside the box a little. If you’re struggling to find your dream job why not create it yourself by setting up your own company? Perhaps you have a great business idea or believe that your final-year project has commercial potential. If so, putting your entrepreneurial skills to the test could be a smart move.

Career services at many universities can help you to turn your idea into a reality. The advantages to self-employment can include:

independence and autonomy – to make your own decisions

control – over who you work with and the type of work you do

freedom – to work when you like on projects that make your heart sing

flexibility – to fit work commitments in with family and other interests

opportunities – to build a portfolio of activities funded by different sources and to respond to ideas and proposals as you see fit

recognition – you’re able to take the credit for everything that you do, create, design or invent.

However, you need to be sure that self-employment is right for you. Being your own boss might sound like fun but as the owner of a business you’ll need to juggle a number of responsibilities such as providing a service, marketing the business and financial and staff management. You’ll also have to work to bring in customers and deal with the uncertainty surrounding the availability of work. Self-employment can also affect your home life when the boundaries between work and leisure become blurred.

Graphic Design

The need to graphic designers is for almost every sector now. With the help of graphics, you can explain using fewer words easily and more properly. Blogs, start-ups, films, media and many other sectors are there where there is a great need of it. This course may set your future id done in a proper way. By this, you can work from home.

Courses for Graphics Design: Diploma in Graphics Design Rich Media; Graphic Designing

Popular institutes:

National Institute of Design (Ahmadabad)

Industrial Design Centre (IDC) – (Mumbai)

Instrument Design and development centre (Delhi)

Department of Design (Guwahti)

Animation Design

Be it from films to advertisements, books to blogs, almost everywhere, the use of animation has increased a lot. The cartoon channels have also started to increase in a large scale but the students who are learning this course or the no. of students actually moving forward in this field are very less comparatively to other courses. In this condition, this course can be the best option for any student out there. This course can be done at a very early age just after 12th.

Courses of Animation:

B.Sc Animation

Diploma 3D Animation

Diploma in Animation

Digital Graphics Animation

Popular Institutes:

Arena Multimedia (Delhi, Bengaluru, Noida, Mumbai)

Global School of Animation (New Delhi, Chennai)

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic (MAAC), Mumbai

Tekno Point Multimedia (Bengaluru)

3-Video Editing:

The people who edit the recorded videos are called video editors. During the process, the raw video is edited as per the concept. Keeping in mind about the theme i.e. marriage, film, media etc., the video is edited with different software’s.

Courses for Video Editing:

MFA in Media Design

BS in Digital Cinematography

Master of Arts in Film and TV

Popular Institutes:

Film and Television Institute of India (Pune)

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (Kolkata)

Whistling Woods International (Mumbai)

Center for research in Art of Film and Television (Delhi)

Asian Academy of Film and Television (Noida)


Google Digital marketing courses are intended to guide students, marketing professionals on how to use digital marketing channels, strategize and practice which helps them to channelize and optimize Google Campaigns.

Here is a list of the 9 different types of Google Certification.

1) Google Digital Unlocked Course

The Digital Unlocked is Google’s source that will help you increase your digital knowledge. It’s your all-in-one shop for getting digital marketing skills with completely free programs on just about anything from search to search engine optimization to social media. It will help you build your online business or digital marketing career.

2) AdWords Fundamentals Course

This course helps to align advertisement priorities with client needs and preferences. The time you intend to advertise on the internet with Google AdWords, it’s possible to employ distinctive focusing on techniques to achieve potential clients’ directly at how much time when they’re hunting down your items or administrations.

The training modules in this course help students build up an essential knowledge of Google AdWords.

3) Search Advertising Course

The modules in this google digital marketing course help students develop a reliable knowledge of search advertising optimization.

4) Display Advertising Course

The training modules within this Google Digital Marketing course include what the different sorts of display ads are. That means by which they work and best practices for campaign administration.

5) Mobile Advertising Course

The modules in this google digital marketing course introduce you to the developing importance of mobile advertising.

You will learn mobile Ad campaign methods, best practices, etc.

6) Video Advertising Course

A video is one of the most incredible ways to make a real connection with potential clients. The training modules through this google digital marketing course explain the importance of online video, analysis how video campaigns work.

7) Shopping Advertising Course

Shopping advertising campaigns place your products images, cost, company name right before the people hunting down for the things you offer on Google.

The training modules in this google digital marketing course include the creation. And administration of your Google Merchant Centre account, optimization of shopping campaign.

8) Analytics Course

The Analytics Google Digital Marketing includes a review of Google Analytics. And why it is crucial, how it works, how to get around within the Analytics tools.

9) Google My Business Course

This google digital marketing course focuses on Google My Business, that’s a source that lets business owners in with storefronts. It will teach you how to set Google My Business.

Top 10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Future of India

Digital Marketing is emerging as one of the fastest growing industries today. Digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes in developing countries. The smallest can enter the market and the biggest can access the most remote part of it.

Reasons why Digital marketing is the future in India.

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Easiest Way of Branding
  3. Government’s “Digital India” initiative back ups
  4. Higher Engagement Rate
  5. Growth in smartphone users and internet users
  6. Result Oriented Sales Promotion
  7. More Conversion and Better Revenue
  8. Reaching Global Markets
  9. Small towns are getting digitally equipped
  10. Target Ideal buyers

Cost Effective:

Every business or firm looks for cost saving process in every organizational activity. With Digital marketing, you get a better opportunity to promote you brand / product / service to a larger audience at a lower price than traditional marketing. For example, email marketing is used for promoting products by companies as the cost is very low and the audience reach is high. Many organizations are also allocating budgets for digital marketing.

Easiest Way of Branding:

 We live an era where a brand’s presence on social media and other platforms build a trustworthiness of the brand. Many products / brands go unnoticed if they do not have an online presence. So, for a brand to build, a good digital marketing strategy is needed.

Government’s “Digital India” initiative backups:

In the last few years our Government has launched Digital India program with the aim to transform India into a Digitally empowered country. This has opened a lot of opportunities not only in cities but also in small towns.

Higher Engagement Rate:

People use social media for everything and this results in higher engagement rate. Everyone needs quality content to keep themselves updated with the latest. So, digital marketers need to generate content that engages audience.

Growth in Smartphone and Internet Users:

Over the last 5 years the number of smartphone users have increased. Also, due to low data prices the internet users and usage has doubled. This is because, the rate in which the country is growing in terms of everything, people will be heavily dependent on the internet in the coming years.

Result Oriented Sales Promotion:

One of the best features of Digital marketing is we can analyze the outcome, look other ways within the same system. In SEO if a certain keyword is not working, we can check few other keywords which have a scope of increasing ranks in search engines. This cannot be done in traditional marketing. Tools like Google Analytics give immediate results and if any changes needed can be done.

More conversion and better Revenue:

Conversion is converting the visitors of website to customers. Digital marketing is successful when conversion rate is high. Thousands of visitors check the website everyday but only a tiny number of visitors are converting into customers then the digital marketing campaign is not planned properly. Higher the conversion rate, higher the revenue. Results show that companies with good Digital marketing have gained more profit than those who do not use Digital marketing.

Reaching Global Market:

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”
Bill Gates

This has become a reality now. With Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, one can reach to the audience in any corner of the world. The reach of these social media platforms is so huge that you can connect with almost everyone now.

In India, many people are doing business whose target audience is the USA only. So, anything is possible with social media. many companies from the USA prefer Bangalore based Digital Marketing Agencies to plan out their social media campaigns.

Small Towns are getting Digitally Equipped:

Metros are already a part of the digital economy. But now as the scope of digital marketing is increasing, the towns and cities are also getting highly connected with digital mediums.

Many start-ups are getting launched in small cities and they are reaching the global audience via social media.

Target Ideal Buyers:

When you purchase a billboard space or put an ad in a magazine or newspaper, you cannot specify the audience base that you are targeting for. But with Digital marketing you can target the right audience for your products. For example, SEO allows you to reach those consumers who are searching the web for content and topics that are relevant to your business. While pay-per-click, display, and social media advertising enables you to target those who are most likely to be interested in your products or services based on demographic information and general characteristics.


Digital marketing is the future of business. No sector will be able to survive, or compete in the market without adopting a proper digital marketing strategy. A consistent growth in business is not possible without accepting this ultramodern sales promotion tool. Organizations, who have understood this business essentiality, are getting ahead of their nearest competitors in the market. Again, there are many business entities are growing tremendously only on the basis of their online presence, and digital marketing tools.