5 Years back, Digital marketing jobs were not considered as main stream jobs. Indian companies were stuck to traditional marketing practices. However, with the growth of Technology, it is almost mandatory for any business or service to start Digital Marketing. With the shift from Traditional marketing to Digital marketing, a new pool of Digital marketing job opportunities has been created and this makes Digital marketing one of the best career options for students and professionals. 

Let’s explore different digital marketing career options

  1. Search Engine Marketer: Search engine marketing is one of the most important aspects of Digital marketing. Since Google is the most used Search Engine, marketing via Google AdWords has to be done. The role of a Search Engine Marketer is to meet the target of lead clicks at the given budget through keyword research, analysis, campaigning. The main responsibility of the SE marketer is to generate leads for the business.
  • Search Engine Optimizer:  With good search engine optimization, you can get free traffic from Google and this creates a lot of opportunities for jobs related to SEO executives. Their responsibilities include keyword research, indexing pages, manage duplicate content.
  • Social Media Manager: This is the best role for students or professionals who are aware of using social media at their best. A Social Media Manager helps the company communicate with customers across various platforms. They also help in creating brand awareness and build an online community for the brand.
  • Content Marketing Manager: This job requires identification, development and management of creative content. Blogs, video marketing are a part of Content marketing. Excellent communication and copywriting skills are needed.
  • E-mail marketing Manager: The job requires to create engaging marketing emails, build lists as per the targeted audience and find out what works out and what does not.
  • Google Analytics Manager: This job requires you to generate insights, reports, check the performance of the campaigns and take appropriate actions to generate more business with less money.

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